Jamestown/John Smith

The Rough years in Jamestown Adam Conn


On the cold, and bitter morning of December 20, 1607 three ships carrying both men and women along with Captain John Smith wanting to start a new life in America. The survival was hard to get food but the people of Jamestown. The Indians near Jamestown got along with the Jamestown settlers until the people of Jamestown stole food from the Indians. John Smith made Jamestown survive because he said "he that not work shall not eat" to get them motivated. Jamestown survived through rough conditions even though there was many really harsh winters.


The Jamestown settlement went through many hardships. The Jamestown settlers didn't have enough food. They didn't even try to grow food. They were so selfish they tried to find gold to sell. At first they didn't know what to do for work, but they soon discovered that tobacco grew rapidly. They sold it for money so they could get some of the the thins they needed. The shelters and buildings were small. They lived in a fort to protect the people from the Indians. Although the hardships they encountered were tough, they survived.


The Indians got along with the Jamestown settlers until the settlers stole from the Indians. Then thing took a turn for the worse. The Jamestown settlers relied on the Indians to give them food. Then the Indians decided not to give them food. The Powhatan Indians lived very close to Jamestown which made it really easy to attack Jamestown. Many Powhatan Indians lived in longhouse called "Yehakins." The Jamestown settlers didn't get along with the Indians after Jamestown stole from the Indians.

John Smith

John Smith had a very exciting life. He was the man who led Jamestown to survival. He told them to grow food and they listened. John Smith wrote eight books after he left Jamestown. He wanted to go back he died on June 21, 1631. John Smith was a great man.


Jamestown was the first colony to settle. Even the survival was really tough, the people managed to make it happen. The relationship with the Indians at first was great until the people of Jamestown stole from the Indians. John Smith helped save Jamestown by telling them to grow crops for food. All of those are reasons how Jamestown survived.