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Star Citizen is unlike traditional online game battle, as this game both can start to play online with other individuals, or play underline by oneself (Squadron 42), nevertheless the game's battle scenes would work for 60-100 people, Therefore, so that you can truly go through the game, the multiplayer online playing may be exciting. Star Citizen will likely be released in 2014. Simplified version in the game will definitely cost $ 30. 3D virtual reality helmet version will likely be cost $ 2,700.

Star Citizen raising event is actually a bottomless maw, refreshing the fund raising record every single day. This space simulation game has already reached $36 million stretch goal in financing at present, according to the news on The exact number is $36036489, and of course, these numbers are still increasing in the moment, by the time.

Star Citizen new goal is $37 million, and this will unlock the stellar graveyard and introduce the Tanga star system. Tanga product is a dwarf planet at the heart of any planetary nebula. The system was originally a red giant with one habitable world, but all life in the system was extinguished when the star collapsed to form a white dwarf. That’s just how the system was found: Only two worlds (speculation that there could have been three or four more) but they are both dead planets without atmosphere. No details have yet been revealed on just what either the Tamsa or Tanga system will likely be employed for inside the final game.

No one can deny the reality that nothing can stop the momentum in the fund-raising activities. In cases like this, it will probably be greater than $40 million in a week. The Star Citizen has grown to be ambitious, now its budget has reached the AAA standards. This case suggests that people must have underestimated the demand of this kind of games before. Star Citizen will likely be officially released in later 2014. It is possible to pay more close awareness of this news about Star Star and Citizen Citizen Credits on Let’s look ahead to it together! Find out more about cheap Star Citizen credits