iGIP Newsletter 2

Leaders of Generation Bold

Dear Martin, Toto and Valery

How are you guys? I hope you learned a lot during Operations Summit and that you're all ready to operate now! January is over and we only have 5 months left of MC Bold term so let's make the most of our time left together :)

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What's happening nationally?

NST Update

National iGIP directory

Amazing Race Account Follow Up

Food for Thought



What's happening nationally?

National iGIP Welcome Dinner

Thank you for coming and supporting the national iGIP welcome dinner! I'm really happy to have met your trainees and to hear such amazing feedback about how you guys have prepared for their arrival! Martin and Valery, great job <3
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Operations Summit 2014

Did you guys enjoy Operations Summit? I hope you had guys learned a lot and are now ready to implement!

Make sure to bring back all the knowledge to the members who were not present there! I'll be sharing the outputs of the conference this week :)

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National Sales Recruitment

The MC and I will be running a national sales recruitment in March. We're still developing the profile and the process right now but I wanted to inform you of this so that you are aware that we will be launching this campaign, a special recruitment for sellers and that these sellers will be allocated to your LCs later on, around May or June :)

Sales Development Program

Nationally, we are also running a Sales Development Program to deliver sales training to all the members of AIESEC Peru, with special targets to iGIP and iGCDP members. Make sure your members participate and attend the virtual classes!

Mentorship Program

In iGIP, I am launching a mentorship program with the BD team so that your new members can work with older members and learn and see how they do sales. Watch out for Fiorella Yato's launch of this Special Initiative this month :)

Happy news!

We got mentioned on the January IGN report of Paulo Cortez for our good performance! Keep up the awesome matching guys! Super great job Martin! Valery and Toto, it's your turn to shine in February! Let's do this! If you want me to send you the report, just let me know :)
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NST Update

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I have 4 NSTs but as of last night, my NST for Sales Management, Gary Sanchez, expressed his intent to resign. I have asked him for a formal resignation letter and will be reopening this role this week. Please help me find a replacement by asking around your LC :)

National iGIP Directory


It's been 3 weeks and there are still many people missing from this directory. Please make sure your members fill this out by THIS WEEK so that I can create the teams on myaiesec.net and so that we have a database to send announcements and such.


Amazing Race Account Follow Up

So far, I have only received clearing from Martin, who has asked about the accounts his LC can follow up with.

Valery and Toto, when will you create your follow up plan? The follow up needs to happen IMMEDIATELY, otherwise we lose the account. Remember everything we talked about regarding BUILDING CUSTOMER LOYALTY. Please send me your updates for these follow ups!

Food for Thought

Following our discussion on the 5 rules of selling

1. Ask Questions

2. Be a good listener. Let the other person do the talking

3. Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely.

4. Show respect for the other person's opinions

5. Talk in terms of the other person's interests

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