Latin America Project

Made by: Sophia Cataldi

What groups were involved? Who had power?

During the months, many groups had power but the Wealthy had the most power out of everyone because they had the most MSU'S which the Peasants had none, and wanted more by the end of month 3. By the end of month 1 the Wealthy had power over every group.

How the balance of power shifted or why?

How the balance of power shifted?

The balance of power shifted over time because many groups were communicating trying to find their safest treaty to sign and agree on.

How was cooperation and conflict shown in the game?

Cooperation and conflict was shown all in month 1,2,3 by trying to find the best bet from the highly ranked MSU group. Many groups connected and went against other groups for example the Peasants connected with the Gorillas to gain power over time, which it happend.

What role did the U.S have on the simulation?

The rold the U.S had on the simulation was making treaties, that's really all they did.

What happens to a country when power shifts, is the effect positive or negitive?

When the power shifts in a country it gives a negitive effect towards them in my oppion because other many people want power or want to be "friends" with the most powerful nation (U.S). So many groups will try to take that away from a country.

What relationships do you have in your life, how are cooperation and conflict evident?

Two examples I have in my life were cooperation and conflict occur are..

- When I want to go somewhere, I have to either do the dishes or do a chore to be able to. I dont want to, but I cooperate so I can.

-While I'm at walmart & I ask my parents for something I tell them I'll clean my room or do the dishes to get what I want.