Sports Medicine Career

Things you should know about Sports Medicine

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-What a person in this career does in detail

Sports Medicine doctors are basically caregivers who treat sports related injuries associated with joints, bones, muscles, and concussions. Sports medicine doctors also specialize in nutrition, sports psychology, injury prevention, exercise, workouts, substance use and abuse.
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-Why you chose this career

I chose sports medicine because I've always wanted to have a career in the medical field. Also because I love sports mostly soccer and having a career dealing with sports would be a very cool career for me and i would keep me interested.
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What are the different fields in sports Medicine?

- Doctor of osteopathy- Provides patients with health services.

- Athletic trainer- Specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating injuries.

- Kinesiotherapist- Identify the patience goals, keep track of progress, and does a lot of planning.

- Exercise physiologist- Someone who studies exercise physiology.

- Physical Therapy - Specialize in sports related injuries.

- Nutrition/ Diets- Keeps track of patience nutrition and diets and often make changes.

- Nurse- Care givers who treat injuries to the body's joints, bones, and muscles.

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-Education needed to obtain this career (Associate/Bachelor/Masters/Special Schooling?

A Sports Medicine doctor must first obtain a four year PreMedical degree. Then you must pass a medical college admissions test go to a four year medical school, after medical school you must graduate. After you graduate you have to serve a two year residency, which means to job shadow another sports medicine doctor.
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-What branch of science most of this career falls under and why

Sports medicine is life science, because it deals with living things.
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-Something you found interesting about the career

I think Sports Medicine is very interesting because it focuses on in proving the performance of athletes, helping athletes recover from injuries, and helping to prevent injuries in the future. Also sports medicine doctors do not do surgery. The American Medical Society Of Sports Medicine organization was founded in 1991. I also think its very cool that they have a career in the medical field that deals with only sports, because there are so many athletes.
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-Experience/Skills needed

To be in the sports medicine field you should have some what an interest/ experience with sports. You should have a positive and professional attitude. In emergency's you need to keep clam and not panic because a lot can go wrong. You need to have goals and drive to work for what you want its not just going to get handed to you its about 12 more years of schooling.
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