"Things to learn while having fun! Lot's to do in 201!"

Sanchez Class Newsletter

Room 201

Hi Parents,
Happy New Year and welcome back to school!

It's tough getting back into the swing of things, but, I have to admit, it is good to be back on a schedule. I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing break. I enjoyed listening to how your child spent his/her days. It sure is great to be a kid!

We are trying to save more paper by "airdropping" the weekly Vocabulary tests instead of actually printing them out. This means that only the grades will be sent home. The best way to communicate these results with you each week is to put the score on their Friday Reflection (blue sheet), like we do with the Spelling tests. It is important that your child returns this sheet, signed by you, each Monday so we know you have seen the results. Thanks for you help!
(Seeing how our week was shortened, we did not have a Spelling or Vocabulary test and we will NOT be sending home the blue sheets this weekend.)

Our field trip to The Grove is next Friday. We do go outside at for certain activities, so please have your child dress for the cold weather.

Please return your permission slips and food/bus money by Monday. Thanks!

Have a very nice weekend and stay warm,
Mrs. Sanchez and Mrs. Hinken

Our Learning This Week.....


Why did the right triangle go to the beach?
Because it was 90 degrees!

This week in math the children learned about triangles. Once they learned how to identify the base and the height of a triangle, they were able to find the area.
The formula is A = 1/2 x base x height. We also discussed that any triangle, no matter the size, is always 180º. We plan on taking the Chapter 6 test on Wednesday of next week.

Singapore Math, Grade 5 / Primary 5: Measurement - Triangle base and height

Readers' Workshop

In Readers' Workshop, we celebrated our reading over winter break by having Hot Chocolate! It was quite comforting to sip a delicious, smooth, toasty drink during independent reading time. We also spent time working on summarizing/synthesizing skills with nonfiction text.

Read Aloud

Our new read aloud is Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. Being published in 1961 I can say with all honesty that it is an "oldie, but a goodie"! It is a heart-warming story about a boy and his dogs. Loyalty, hard work, the struggles of growing up, are the recurring themes in the book, brought about delicately by a talented author.
It is my all time favorite book and I'm excited to share it with the class.

Writers' Workshop

The students were given the District Writing Assessment this week. Next week, the students will use the results/feedback to improve their own persuasive writing pieces they have been working on. Good writing is rewriting.

Social Studies

This week we talked about the Great Compromise, which laid the foundation of our structure of the U.S. Congress. We also learned about the three branches of government and how the "check and balance" system guarantees that no branch becomes too powerful.

Upcoming Events/Reminders:

  • January 13th
  • PTO Meeting 8:45

  • January 20th
  • NO SCHOOL (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

  • January 24th
  • Bingo Night 6:30

Ask you child about:

* Celebrating our love for reading with HOT CHOCOLATE!
* Music class
* There, their, they're
* How many books they have read (Goal: 40)
* What Rebecca Caudill book nominee they may vote for soon

QR Challenge:

Tell the correct answer to your teacher and add a "rock" to our jar.

Vocabular for Next Week: