From Pilsen to Pullman!

Learning about the communities of Chicago

Hello parents and guardians!

Over the next few weeks, Room 102 will be discussing the different types of communities, focusing specifically on communities found in Chicago. We will be discussing how people interact with their communities for their needs, interests, and what they believe in. We'll consider how and why people in other communities have different points of view, challenges, and opportunities, as well as touch on how knowledge of the past helps us understand the community in which we live. Ultimately, we will be comparing the neighborhood of Pilsen with neighborhoods nearby to determine how they may be similar and how they may be different.

This is important because...

Not every community has the same advantages or disadvantages that Pilsen has. It is unbelievably important to expose students to people of different ethnicities, races, lifestyles, and cultures. As the world is becoming increasingly more global, students will have the opportunity to interact with people of a plethora of different cultures. Therefore, it is my hope to have students understand the importance of respect for other demographics, as well as respect for other communities.

What can you do?

This unit is a great way to get involved! One of the most important things I am asking you is to simply discuss different communities with your student. Here are some ways to get the conversation going:

  • Work with students on the vocabulary we are learning (community, citizens, location, needs, and wants)
  • Have a discussion about why it is so important to respect other cultures and communities
  • Take your student to a different community to explore
  • Talk to your student about your experiences in different communities. Were your experiences positive or negative? How so?

Ms. Voigt

Please let me know if you have any further questions about this unit. I look forward to working with your students!