Welcome to Eco Paradise!

Discovered By Lucas Prado Sampaio Carrington

Our Island is one of the most eco-friendly places around! (and the funnest)

1. We have canoeing to penguin island so no petrol or pollution is put into the ocean and you get to learn with a hands on experience about the habitat and how the penguins live on the island.

2. Some marine biologists take you out on a boat to do some whale watching. You are taught about what the whales eat and how they live and why whaling is endangering them and what you can do to help stop it.

3. You can go on an ecotour through our native rain forest were you are learning about the native wildlife and how it is all balanced on a fragile ecosystem and you get to do some tagging of the animals to help learn more about there ways of living and what we can do to help.

4. Be Green tree planting program is all about raising awareness of deforestation and why its such and important problem and how to help stop it.

5. We are proud to say that our island has no roads or motored vehicles we only have eco friendly bike trails to get around so we can lower our carbon footprint.

6. We also have a water and waste treating plant where we can recycle all our waste and reuse it so we are doing no pollution to the ocean or the atmosphere.

7. We have solar powered cabins that only run on sustainable energy so we dont contribute to global warming.

Here are some the sites on our island

Come For a Holiday!

We would love to have you here at our island full of fun and eco-friendly adventures!