The Warror's Heart

By: Arhan Ghosh

Author- Eric Greitens

Eric Greitens was born and raised in Missouri. After earning a Ph.D. as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University and serving as a hummanitarian volunteer overseas, Eric joined the NAVY SEALs. A boxing champion and a decorated combat veteran, he is the founder of The Mission Continues. In 2013, Eric was named one of the Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People. He is also the author of the New York Times bestseller The Heart and the Fist.


The Story went through a lot of places. At first Eric started out at a boxing gym. Then Eric went to college at Oxford, while Eric was at college he went to many countries that were struggling. After college Eric decided to go to the NAVY SEAL, and he had to go through the adventures boot camp.

Character Analysis

Eric Greitens is man who went trough many unique things. First of all he went to Duke and later on Oxford. He had also went to many refuge camps in different countries. While he was in collage Eric had started a hobby of boxing. After collage Eric joined the Navy Seals. After working for the Seals Eric started a Non Profit organization and now he is writing books .


Eric Greitens is a guy who explores the world from learning boxing in a gym to going out of country to fight with the Navy Seals. At first eric Greitens was accepted tat Duke. While he was at Duke Eric decided to start boxing. Boxing lead him to many different adventures. At Duke Eric was able to go to different countries and capture the heart breaking moments which were going on in the country. After graduating Eric decided to serve for USA and join the Navy Seals. While Eric was at training learning how become a Seal he had faced many obstacles and he made new lifetime friends. Later down the road after Eric had finished his service with the Seals Eric created a non-profit organization to raise money for troops.
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