WWII In a Nutshell

WWII Unites the World


World War II is to finish out by uniting enemies and bringing new super powers and possibilities to the Modern World

A Change in History

The Atom Bomb

I believe that the atom bomb dropped in hiroshima was unnecessary and as many American Generals said it was just a show of military strength by the US and was Not Used as the method to get Japan to surrender. Word is that Japan was Already trying to surrender and the president had never wanted to drop the bomb but his Advisors urged him to.

The Battle for Stalingrad

Germany had a plan to invade USSR. Operation Barbarossa was the plan to rush into tHe USSR and use the method of Blitzkrieg to force Them to surrender so Hitler would have Russians resources at his disposal. The plan was successful until they reached the capitol which wouldn't break and the russians held out long enough for winter to come and the germans weren't prepared for it . Low on provisions ammunition and reinforcements the Soviet Union was able to push the germans into the city and force them into a surrender