Pack 3782

New Newsletter Format

Hello Pack 3782!

I'm attempting a new newsletter format and will do my best to send out on a regular basis.

I will also try keeping them short and sweet. This email should show as coming from my email address. Please let me know if you have any questions!



More Scouts Wanted

As of date, I have 5 Scouts and 4 adults signed up for the Christmas Caroling at Cedar Community Nursing Home. I would LOVE to see the Pack have more presence. I am also hoping this can be a yearly tradition continued for years to come.

That said, unfortunately I needed to turn the numbers in to Cedar Community so they would know how many will be in attendance. This was also for the possibility of them providing snacks for the Scouts as well, however I'm not sure if they are still planning this.

Regardless, please feel free to still come out this coming Saturday and represent Pack 3782 and sing your hearts out! Class A Uniforms required, however you are more than welcome to wear any fun holiday related hats, such as Santa hats, Elf ears, etc...