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Director's Newsletter

April 20th, 2018

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

Sports Day this year was a joyful experience for nearly everyone who participated! I was so happy to see the positive energy and enthusiasm that members of our CDS community brought to this important event. I extend a special thank you to Mr. Clem and the P.E. department for the time, effort, and thought that went into planning and organizing. We also want to thank the PTA for generously providing sports drinks for students.

Teachers and parents know well that participation in sports helps young people to develop responsibility, discipline, confidence, perseverance, and healthy lifestyles. Although not everyone chooses to pursue athletics throughout the year, our annual Sports Day fosters Community, encourages good Collaboration, and builds Character through challenge. I hope this year's shared experience brought all students closer together.

Our MS Outdoor Education trip is coming up on Thursday and Friday next week! Be sure to review the important information listed below to make sure your child is prepared.

* Please note that we will not hold a Parent Information session this Thursday due to the Adventure Korea trip.

Have a great weekend!

Adventure Korea Update

The much anticipated Outdoor Education trip is coming up next week! In Long House on Thursday students and teachers reviewed the Code of Conduct to ensure all students understood behavior expectations for the trip. We want everyone to learn, feel connected, have fun, and most importantly be safe!

A few key things to consider...


  • Although we carefully reviewed the Code of Conduct with students, please remind your children to be on their very best behavior and to treat everyone with kindness and respect while on the trip.


  • CDS will provide snacks for students to eat when they feel hungry between meals: (3 bottles of water, 2 granola bars, an apple, and a banana)

Packing List:

  • Be sure to review the packing list in the information packet we shared.
  • Students shouldn't bring more than 20,000 won (G56) and 30,000 won (G78). We don't want you to lose it, and there won't be any place to spend it.
  • Hydration is very important so please remember to bring a refillable water bottle.
  • Teachers will collect cell phones in the evening. If you want yours charged, don't forget to bring a personal charger.
  • Some activities require close-toed shoes for safety---so make sure to bring more than just sandals and flip flops.
  • Bring a rain jacket just in case!

Dress Code:

  • Students do not need to wear their Dalton uniforms as we originally stated in the information packet. . The trip is only one night and we want to avoid unnecessary changing.
  • Students must dress modestly-- please review the dress code policy in the information packet we shared.

Photo Update and Summary:

  • On Thursday night 4/26 teacher leaders from both groups (Grade 7 & 8 and 5 & 6) will share photos and a summary of the day. These will be posted on the MS website by 8:30pm so you can know your children are safe and happy:

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, feel free to call the MS Office or send us an email.

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CDS Pioneers to Serve with Silent Art Auction

Last Friday at 4:05pm after Parent-Teacher Conferences the 5th Annual Silent Art Auction ended once again with all pieces sold! In total this year we raised over 930,000 for the TNKR (Teach North Korean Refugees) charity- with over 600,000 coming from work bought in the Middle School and High School collectively.

This annual event really is one major way our students and staff CDS show that we live up to our motto- "Pioneering to Serve.”

Participation and donation of work is 100% voluntary, yet every students turn out, choose to frame and prepare the art to be given up and sold to raise money for charity. Even those who do not submit show their support in bidding on the work of their peers, although they are often outbid by their teachers! And, for the last two year High School volunteers have been stationed at the FP and MS/HS locations in the event to promote and assist parents in making bids.

Throughout this week and next artwork is being retrieved and paid for, after which 100% of the proceeds will be handed over to TNKR. Ms. Kim, Ms. Koteje, and Ms. Pantano would like to once again thank the CDS community for helping support us (and TNKR) in another successful auction year. See you next year for the 6th!


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Yearbook Photo Schedule for Grade 8 and 7B

On Wednesday, April 25th 8th grade students and 7B will have their yearbook photos taken.

*Any students who missed their photo day due to absence will also have their picture taken on Wednesday.

Students in grades 5 - 7 are required to be photographed wearing their CDS white polo-shirt. 8th grade students will wear their graduation cap and gown which CDS will provide

Pictures will be taken during co-curricular (CC) time from 2:45 - 4:00pm. Please make sure your child comes to school prepared and looking their best on picture day. Students who are absent on 4/25 will have another chance to take pictures in May.

If you have any questions, please contact the Middle School Office.

Sports Day Highlights!

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As Easy as 1-2-3 - The Importance of Routines

Routine is defined as --- a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program.

We all have our daily routines no matter our age or occupation. There are things that we do everyday that create a rhythm and pattern to our lives. These routines give us a sense of peace, bring us comfort, and allow for productivity.

As adults, we have spent years developing and honing routines for ourselves that promote a healthy and stable way of life. The same can be attributed to children as well. It is important that children have a routine in order to be productive in all aspects of their young lives.

As I mentioned in a previous article, sleep plays a very important role in that routine. When developing a routine for a child, sleep should be taken into account first and foremost, but other daily practices need to be considered in order to have a successful and productive outcome. The routine will vary from child to child and will need to adapt and evolve as the child gets older and their interest and responsibilities change.

Throughout the years, I have worked with many students whose routines varied and I have noticed that those who have built and follow a daily routine will have a better day at school. Most importantly, we must remember that a solid routine provides our children/students with a sense of stability.

If you have any questions or would like help on coming up with a routine that best supports your student at CDS please let me know!

-Frankie Hinds

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Upcoming Events

4/25 - Yearbook Pictures for all 8th Grade +7B

4/26-27 - Adventure Korea - Outdoor Education Trip

5/2 - Term 5 Begins

5/2 - MS Spanish Speech Contest

5/3 - 8th Grade Field Trip to War Memorial Museum

5/11 - Chinatown Field Trip