Important Facts You Need to Consider While Hiring a Ruby on Rails Developers in India

Ruby on Rails is a web application development framework that makes it easier to write web applications. Hiring a reputable Ruby on Rails developer is a good way to get started on a project that involves this framework, but it can be challenging to the right person or company due to the rising demand, costly rates, and the difficulty in verifying the full experience and knowledge of each candidate. Consider these facts when determining which developer to hire in India:

  • Rails is a relatively young framework. Ruby on Rails has been around since 2005. Look for a developer who has been using the framework since it was released. A reputable company should have over 50 developers who are experts on ROR and are versatile in using the framework for different applications. These days, Rails has matured as a web application framework that can be applied to all kinds of projects in different industries like social networks, SaaS platforms, consumer web apps, and e-Commerce.

  • ROR is versatile. A Ruby on Rails developer can let you take advantage of rapid product development to get your idea to the market faster. If you have previously worked with another developer and your project is left hanging, you can turn to a Ruby on Rails developer in India to restore and revive it, or you can migrate your web application to the latest version of the framework.

  • Ruby on Rails is a specialty. Not all web app developers are adept on Rails, so do not hire someone with little to no experience developing apps with it. Determine the extent of the experience of the Rails developer and ask to see their previous work. An ROR specialist should be able to understand the pros and cons of the technology and be able to easily adapt it to your project.

  • Offshore Ruby on Rails developers are cost effective. It is more cost effective to hire professional Rails developers in India than someone who is based in the US, Australia, or Europe. Outsourcing Ruby on Rails development should help you save money and experience minimal risk in offshore web development. Avoid depending on hiring agencies and go for a company that specializes on Rails development and consulting.

About the Author:

This article has been written by Mr. Mayank Tandon who is associated with Vinsol. Vinsol is web and mobile apps Development Company started in 2000. They work on Ruby on Rails, iOS and Android. They also develop e-commerce applications on Rails and Spree Commerce, which is an open source ecommerce platform.

They have worked for some of the big brands and startups across the globe. They follow the agile methodology for development and adhere to lean principles for quickly developing Valuable Products for their clients.