Dressing Buscasual

Bailey Durbrow

What to Wear

Choosing your outfit is extremely important in interviewing for a job. "You can only make a first Impression once", explained Dave, hiring manager at Arby's on Wade Green. What kind of first impression are you making with the clothes you are wearing? You want to keep your outfit simple. A nice pair of slacks, pressed and pleated with belt, a plain colored collared button up shirt, and an undershirt (no sweat stains). Keeping your outfit plainly colored draws less attention to what you are wearing and more attention on your interview. Your shoes should be clean dress shoes, black or brown. My experience in this comes from countless interviews while i was looking for a job including Chik-fila, Arby's, Publix, Wendy's, and Panera.

Avoid Wearing

Flashy clothing, anything too casual, baggy or dirty clothes