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Land, Climate and History

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America . The capital of Nicaragua is Managua.The climate there ranges from 75 to 80 degrees .Nicaragua became independent from Spain in 1821.The main language is Spanish although most of the native tribes there speak their language.


Economy and Government

The government there is republican . Nicaragua is one of the poorest economic countries in Central America.The current president of Nicaragua is Daniel Ortega . You have to be sixteen to vote but it is optional.


Travel Fee : 1,173.40

Hotel/Lodging : 1,169.97


Activities 2,600.00- Day 1:See volcanoes & learn the history of them.

Day 2:Tour of Managua & Granada

Day 3:Boat cruise

Day 4:Volcano hike

Day 5:Go to bustling market

Day 6:Go see colonial ruins

Shopping :500.00