Kevin and Megh

political effects

Africa suffered huge loses because of slavery

Over 16 million people were captured and used as slaves.

This brought down the population of west Africa drastically.

However, the new food products from the Americas raised the population by a little bit.

Also, there was a preference of males as slaves. 2/3 of all slaves deported were males. Therefore, in countries such as Angola, where raiding happened most, women made 2/3 of the population. And therefore, the women had to do many of the jobs men would have to do.

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social effects

Many states started raiding its neighbors just for firearms. In exchange for firearms, they gave the Europeans slaves that they captured. Therefore, states such as Dahomey got more and more firearms and therefore could raid more people.

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slaves were often very hesitant to do the work. they would often work very slowly and try to do as little as possible. the slaves also sang songs that were in a different language that talked about escaping and happiness and a better life. sometimes the slaves would go on strike and not do any work at all. this was almost always combatted with extremely violent punishment that consisted of whippings or several punches to the body.
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plantation system

the plantation system was very effective in producing crops. the slaves that worked on these plantations worked from dawn to dusk and sometimes even later. many of these plantations grew tobacco or the big cash crop, cotton. cotton was a good cash crop because it grew quickly and could be harvested multiple times a year.
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