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DELTA KAPPA GAMMA promotes professional and personal growth

of women educators and excellence in education.

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Convention Updates

List of proposed amendments

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Amendments (link above)

There are still a lot more amendments to vote on, so we will send updates as we vote (each day).

Biggest thing: the name change amendment (C-1) failed, so nothing has changed with our Society name.

-the state organization name amendment (C-2) passed, which means that our state will be Louisiana and not Epsilon.

-the emblem, anthem, and jewelry verbiage (C-3, C-4, C-5) passed, which means that the language will be in the go-to guide, and not the Constitution.

-we will now "induct" and not "initiate" members, as C-6 passed.

-we will still "invite" prospective members and not have "applications," as C-7 failed.

-members will be International members, as well as state and/or chapter because C-9 passed.

-former educators can join, as C-10 passed.

-renaming the "Educators Award Fund Committee" (C-42) passed, which means it is now called the "Educators Book Award Committee."

-Communications and Publications committee had clean up of responsibilities with the passage of C-45.

-the Eunah Temple Holden Leadership Fund Committee (which partially funded speaker Benjamin Zander) has had a name simplification through the passage of C-57, and it's now called Holden Fund Committee.

Schools for Africa

(website link and video link from session)

Schools for Africa, a DKG Society International Project

We have the opportunity to make a difference globally, too.

Learning more about our impact through DKG's partnership with UNICEF USA has been humbling. This past fiscal year, we donated more than $35,000.


That's so powerful.

You can watch Mansi's powerful session about the partnership that continues to make a difference. Just click the link below.