Irish Immigration

By: Logan Branson and Austin Sutton

When, why, and how the Irish came to the U.S.

The Irish group started immigrating to the U.S. in 1820. The Irish came to the U.S. because they were facing poverty and disease and they reunited who relatives who had fled at the height of of the famine. They came over on boats.

Laws, Policies, and how many came over

2.8 million migrants from Ireland came to america. Americans offered free and open immigration in the 1800's. They rarely questioned the policy until the late 1800's. 1819 was the first significant federal legislation on immigration.

How they were treated, what were their jobs, and where they settled

Contributions the Irish made to the U.S. and it's culture

Contribution and Culture

During the civil war, the Irish fought for the north and they were the bodies that outnumbered the southerners. Around this time the Irish plays their hands in politics and business.

Result on their homeland

When the Irish started coming to america more and more came to america looking for work. Eventually, the Irish were 43% of the foreign born population. New York and more Irish born citizens than Dublin.

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