Parental Neglect

For every son or daughter that has felt abandoned...

#You are not alone!

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This quote talks about how neglect is always a part of you, and it is never fully forgiven or healed.

Children that have experienced abandonment

"When children are raised with chronic loss, without the psychological or physical protection they need and certainly deserve, it is most natural for them to internalize incredible fear. Not receiving the necessary psychological or physical protection equals abandonment. And, living with repeated abandonment experiences creates toxic shame. Shame arises from the painful message implied in abandonment: 'You are not important. You are not of value.' This is the pain from which people need to heal," says psychologist Claudia Black.

Black is basically saying how through the pain that is brought after being abandoned, and how it effects them emotionally. This proves that it's a real problem, and it is not easily fixed.

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This shows the message of how abandonment works with the mind of someone. Most people with parental abandonment go through this same cycle over and over again. It's not only because they fear the thought of someone leaving again, but the fear that they are not good enough.

This helps the campaign by showing the effects and the mindset of the people that have had this experience.

Kelly Clarkson - Piece By Piece
In this song, Kelly Clarkson talks about how when she was young, her father left her and her mom. In a time when they were hurting, someone stepped in and took his place. And now, her father's trying to come back into her life. In this song she talks about how there is always greater hope, even when you feel broken and left behind.