J.P. Morgan

Captian of industry

J.P. Morgan gained his fortune from banking.

J.P Morgan was a banker. He would invest his money and risk his money so he could make more.


J.P. Morgan had white hair and a bushy mustache. He was a larger man than many others. J.P. had a very big nose.

His workers conditions

J.P. Morgan treated his workers unfairly. The men and boys had to work in total darkness. They were mostly always in coal seams and couldn't breath.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages: J.P. Morgan made a profit for what he invests in and didn't have to work to do it.

Disadvantages: He could lose a lot of money risking it to make more money.

J.P. Morgan treated his competition bad because he would stomp on the little man and take advantage of people.


He spent his money by creating monopolies. He created a monopoly in the steel industry. He also gave money to the government to put back into the economy. J.P. Morgan didn't necessarily give to charities but he collected books and art and created the Peirpont library in New York that was open to the public.
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Captain of industry

J.P. was a captain of industry because he bailed out the U.S. economy. He was also a really smart investor. He took advantage of people and stepped on a lot of people but he wasn't a robber baron. He didn't steel but he sometimes earned his money fairly.


J.P. Morgan earned the prize of 1,000 dollars because he was a really smart investor!!