Doodling towards an art major

Art is anything you can create. It can be a sculpture, painting, doodle, sketch, or even an animation.

I got myself into art. I've been drawing since I was very little. I like drawing because I get to create something original and I get to be creative. I haven't gotten any awards, but I do get compliments from friends and because of my interest I have made new friends.

Who I Respect

The person that I respect the most with the same interest as me is my friend Jamey Dunn. I look up to her because her drawing skills are fantastic and she is a great friend.

Some of the Top Jobs Include:

Guaranteed that your work will be one of a kind!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any careers in drawing?

2. What are the requirements for that job?

Next Steps

1. research more about potential jobs

2. find the requirements

3. find out if its actually what I want to do

4. see if there's an internship or something else availiable