Mrs. Mogg's Monday Memo

This week

We are continuing the spelling list from last week. The applied skills test will be Friday.

We are diligently working on subtraction with regrouping. We have just subtracted one digit from 2 digit so far, but by week's end will be subtracting 2 digit numbers from 2 digits. We are using tens and ones cubes to help us understand the concept.

We are reading about Frogs and Toads from an old reading series. Students will not be bringing this home.

Wednesday for Science we'll start studying magnets as part of our Forces Unit. Last week we read about Gravity.

How families can help:

~ Help the child memorize addition and subtraction facts.

~ Study for spelling test

~ Have your child use Legos or other connecting blocks, to demonstrate regrouping with subtraction. Sample problem: 53-7.

~ Require your child to answer you in complete sentences. :)

~ Be sure your child reads for at least 20 minutes each evening.

~ Ask your child to identify the noun, verb, and adjective in a few of the sentences he/she reads.