Reagan S.

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Ariana Grande - Piano [Lyrics]


My hobbies are Tumbling, watching movies like Grease and Miss Congeniality and The Proposal

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

I want to be a Baker at Gigi's Cupcakes or work at American Family Insurance

My Favorite Singer

My favorite singer is Ariana Grande because of her music and how her voice is so high pitched

Favorite YouTube clip

My Favorite YouTube clip is anything with Ariana Grande and I also Like to watch Fail Army which arr people trying to do stuff but they fail

The Best Trip I Have Ever Taken

The best trip I have ever taken was when my family went to Mexico because we went ziplining and we went to the beach and ordered room service and we did a lot of other stuff

If I could travel any where it would be

It would be England because on tv I saw these people in England and it looked Beautiful

My Dream Car

My dream car would be a Toyota rav4

Activites I do

I'm in Valhalla it is a music group at school. I also do Ice Skating at Mandt Park

My Favorite Restaurant

My Favorite Restaurant is Calver's