June 14, 2022

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Establishing long-lasting partnerships to upgrade heritage-based offers and create new investment opportunities in tourism and the cultural and creative industries at UNESCO designated areas in the Black Sea basin.

Thе small country Moldova is big as a tourist destination

These are 5 reasons you should visit Moldova:

  • It is the “tourist rancho” country. If other countries are famous for their exotic scenery, Moldova for its rustic spirit and rural people’s occupations.
  • Wine. Of course, Moldovan wines are one of the main attractions of the country. The Moldovan wines often bring awards to their makers.
  • Authentic events. A multitude of authentic events are organized in Moldova, dedicated to the people or local customs.
  • Traditional cuisine. Mamaliga, “Cusma lui Guguta” – are just some of the extraordinary dishes cooked by Moldovan housewives.
  • Customs. The winter carol and the Day of the locality – customs actively observed by the country’s inhabitants.
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We would like to invite you to discover Moldova with us. With Heripreneurship you can travel anywhere!

HERiPRENEURSHIP partners arrived in Moldova for 3 days experiencing Moldovan customs and folklore

As a partner of the project, Moldova was represented by the National Association for Inbound and Domestic Tourism Association of Moldova (ANTRIM), which organized the study visit between 16 and 17 May 2022, for the project partners in order to present the designated locations with cultural significance.

The project partners from Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia and Turkey met in Chisinau to discuss important matters and peculiarities, which distinguish Moldova as an entertaining and attractive tourist destination.

The first destination on the agenda of the visit was the “Arta Rustica” Crafts Complex, which houses the manufacture and the rich collection of traditional carpets with national elements included in the UNESCO heritage.

These among others, represent the pilot route that the Moldovan partner will promote through HERIPRENEURSHIP.

In the spirit of culture heritage recognition, on the 17th of May the partners visited some of the most impressive museums in the capital Chisinau – the National Museum of ethnography and natural history and the Museum of history of Moldova enlighten by the national dignity and identity.

During the supporting evaluation workshop, meetings and discussions, the consortium discussed the state of the cultural objects in Moldova, development prospective and specific technical details which will conceptualize HERIPRENRUSHIP in the long run dimension.

Every nation has its own sacred customs!

  • For instance, the Ramadan, for the Muslim religion, is equivalent in importance with the Great Fast for the Eastern Orthodox Christians.
  • During the month of Ramadan, Muslims abstain during the day from eating, drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking.
  • The Fast begins at dawn (after the morning azan) and ends at dusk (after the evening azan). The devotion of Muslims to God is purely magic.

HERIPRENEURSHIP congratulates you on the bright holiday of Easter!

Easter is the oldest and most important Christian holiday. Every year, in the spring, the holy holiday of Easter is celebrated, which is full of customs and traditions. It is important that all traditions on Easter must be treated with candor, dedication and light from within each of us.

Every country has its unique Easter traditions.

  • In Bulgaria, for instance, eggs must be boiled Thursday or Saturday morning.
  • The first egg must be dyed with red color and kept till the next Easter because it is believed to bring health, luck and prosperity to the family. This egg is used to make the cross sign first on the children’s forehead, and then on the forehead of other family members. The other eggs are dyed and decorated as one sees fit.

For the Greeks, Easter is a religious and secular holiday.

  • They honor this day with fireworks, gifts, dance and music.
  • With the beginning of the week the hostesses begin preparing for the holiday, arrange a general cleaning, bake shortbread cookies "Kulurakya", buy gifts, paint eggs and bake „chureki“ - beautiful, braided rich bread.
  • Easter cake is a yeast bread made from milk, eggs and butter, which is baked especially for Easter - this is an ancient historical tradition. It is baked in many countries from our project: Greece, Romanian, Moldova, Georgia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

HERIPRENEURSHIP tells you about the entourage of the holiday in the different countries so that everyone feels the atmosphere, and you will think about the idea of ​​visiting these countries during the Easter holidays.

HERiPRENEURSHIP is your guide in studying the beauty of other nation’s religion, customs and lifestyles.

Heripreneurship connects whole regions and people!

The Heripreneurship is not only about making trips to UNESCO protected sites, but also about human relations, feelings and emotions received during such a trip. Please fill in the below questionnaire, about the sites from our project you have ever visited to gauge your level of satisfaction with your trip:

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