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August 12

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Letting Parents Know Who Their Child's Teacher Will Be

Introducing ourselves to our new families will be done differently this year. Instead of the phone calls that have been made in the past, each teacher will send a letter home welcoming each child to their classroom. We will also include a letter from the administration welcoming families to SWE in each envelope. Here is how it will work:

A copy of each teacher's welcome letter is due to Mrs. Castle by 4pm, Friday, August 19.

Teachers address, stamp, and stuff envelopes on Monday, August 22

Letters are sent out on Tuesday, August 23

Parents receive their letters on Wednesday, August 24

A typical letter would go something like this:

My name is Mrs. Castle and I am excited to be _________________'s_ (fill in the blank) teacher for his 2nd grade school year. (Then some content about the great things we have planned, hopes for our students, favorite books, and/or information about us personally)

Please remember that each communication we share with our parents is a reflection of our classrooms. Please make sure our communications continue to be warm, open, well written, informative and continue to avoid the laundry list types of letters that tell parents all things we need from them.

New Staff Updates

Welcome to

Joanna Steffen, EC Resource serving 5th grade

Brandi Schuster, EL Tutor

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But My Kids Have Orientation Too!

Many of us have children attending SWMS, DXMS, and SWHS. Family. Comes. First.

Please see Mrs. Castle if you need to arrange to be at your own child's orientations. We set the example of what an involved, engaged, supportive parent is for our SWE families. We will get you to your own babies orientation.