How the body uses it, factes, myths, and about dehyrdration

Body uses for Water

-water brings cells needed nutrients

-removes waste products

-helps break down what we eat

-controls the body temperature

-acts as insulation for the joints, eyes, brain, and spinal cord

Myths Corrected

-Drinking eight glasses of water- You don't have to drink eight glasses of water it is just recommended and people who eat a lot of fruits and veggies need less because they get water from them

-Other liquids can count as water- ACTUALLY Other beverages do not count as water, and some like coffee and soda dehydrates instead

-You can never get enough water- ACTUALLY There is such thing as drinking too much, it causes body levels to drop below normal

Some interesting facts

-Fluoride in drinking water can help prevent cavities

-People in America use five times the amount of water than people living in Europe

-Bottled water costs a thousand times more than tap water

-Taking a bath by filling the tub uses less water than a short shower

-Average of water used by people is 50 gallons

About dehyrdration

-Move yourself or person to a place shaded or with a cooler temperature

-Have them drink water to rehydrate their body

-Avoid giving them things like tea, coffee, soda, or beverages with high caffeine/ sugar because it dehydrates them more