4-3-2-1 Freedom?

From Segregation to MLK: Struggle for Freedom

4 Ingredients to freedom

1. Be able to speak freely
2. Be able to be a part of your government
3. Be able to pursue your dreams in life
4. Be able to become educated

3 Ways African Americas were denied freedom

1. Black Codes- laws that kept African Americans, especially in the South, from being full citizens. Some laws kept them from becoming educated and getting certain jobs.
2. Jim Crow Laws- these were the segregation laws that kept blacks and whites separated in all public places. This made blacks feel inferior.
3. KKK- This was a domestic terrorist group that hunted and executed African Americans. This group was supported by various governors and elected officials. African Americans lived in feel of this street justice crew that would injure and kill them.

2 Events or People that worked to give African Americans more freedom

1. Martin Luther King Jr- Encouraged people to use non-violent methods to achieve civil rights. He encouraged people to protest, have sit-ins, and participate in boycotts. He was assassinated but was the most important person in the Civil Rights movement which lead to desegregation of public facilities.
2. Brown v Board of Education- This court cases ended segregation in public schools stating that separate but equal was inherently unequal.

1 Important Theme of Martin Luther King's Dream Speech