By: Walter Dean Myers

coming of age summary

this book fits the coming of age genre because as we read the book we can see that Slam becomes more and more mature. We see him grow up some and how he becomes a more responsible person with his grades and other things. Slam has a lot to go through in this book from grades to basketball and his grandmother being sick and in the hospital. His best friend is a drug addict and drug dealer and Slam is worried about him.

Slam summary

Slam is a book about Gregory "Slam" Harris. Slam is a talented basketball player from Harlem who has a chance to be great but has to overcome some obstacles to get there. Basketball is Slam's only way to a good college and a good education because his parents can't afford to send him to a good college. Slam has moved to a new school, going from Carver to Latimer. The problem is Slam isn't doing so great in his classes and his grades are slipping. As the book goes on Slam has to learn that life is a game just as basketball is. He learns that there are going to be ups and downs but you can either win or loose and you have to make a choice.

Slam Quote

"Cutting people out of your life is easy, keeping them in is hard." ( Myers )

Call to action Statement

I think once i finish this book or anyone else does we can maybe learn from Slam and the thing he went through and how to get through them or learn from his mistakes.