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April Showers... hopefully will bring May flowers

Jack Frost certainly is persistent! This has definitely been a very cold start to our Spring season. That doesn't seem to be slowing down anything that is planned though, so we are happy for that.

We have 5 days before our spring break and I think everyone is looking forward to it. Believe it or not, after we return from school we have 5 weeks of school left for the school year, and they will go very quickly! We have several various events and activities planned within the last weeks of school so please make sure to read about them below.

Our Board of Education will make a decision regarding the student's last day of school at the April board meeting. As of right now, we have 1 snow day to "make up"; however, our students days are calculated by hours attended. Our school day is already extended, which means they get additional time each day. Once we know what the last day of school will be, I will send that information out to all families.

Dress code.... shorts

Per our dress code policy the students will be allowed to wear shorts after Spring Break. The only thing we ask is that you double check the shorts and make sure that they still fit :). Students cannot wear tank tops or flip flops. We made this change because we had several students who were skinning their toes or getting stabbed with mulch in their feet while on the playground. With all of the running and playing that they do we recommend that students where shoes that have a back. Sandals are permitted as long as they wrap around the back of the heel.

As the District turns our HVAC over from heat to air, it will be chilly in the building. We remind the students of this, but want you to be aware as well. We want students to dress in a way in which they are comfortable and are able to get up and down, desks to floor, and run around in the gym and playground.

22-23 Class placements

Every year I try to send something out regarding placements for the following year because we tend to have a lot of questions about the process. With our growth and enrollments we will have shifts in staff placements and number of grade level teachers. Changes that are made are always based on the needs of our students. Fortunately, we have amazing teachers at New Haven, who all have a variety of strengths and experience. I feel very strongly about the high expectations of teaching and learning, and the expertise of our teachers. All grade levels are expected to work as a team allowing for all students to have the same experiences. Each teacher brings to the table an unique teaching style guided with the same standards. We take all of this into consideration as we begin to plan for the following year.

Creating class homerooms really is a complex process because we look at and consider many different criteria. We look at male / female ratios, achievement, needs (academic, social, emotional, etc.), in addition to several other things. It is not a random process, but we also understand that sometimes there are other factors that need to be considered. We do not accept requests for specific teachers. Do not feel like you have to submit a request, I just am sharing what our procedure is for those that have had questions. However, I also respect that as a parent, you have insights to consider. There are situations that need to be considered that perhaps we don't have insight to, such as previous relationships with other students or teachers. We want every student to be placed in the best scenario we can create with the information that we have. There are some situations where students need to be separated from each other because they get along too well. :)

So what does this mean?
We need you to be an integral part of your child's success throughout the year. You are their first teacher, and see somethings that we do not. We will be accepting placement requests from parents that follow specific guidelines that will allow us to make the best match for student success. Requests are not guarantees, nor will all requests be honored. Ultimately it will be about creating the best learning environment for everyone, while trying to match the qualities that best meet your child's needs.
A request must:

  • Explain what specific academic or social needs your child has.
  • What qualities / characteristics in a teacher would best meet the needs of your child?
  • Address other concerns if applicable to placement. (ex: health, personality conflicts, etc.)

Please DO NOT ask for a specific teacher or to be placed with a group of friends- these requests will not be considered.

Class lists are worked on throughout the spring/summer. Students will receive their homeroom information prior to school beginning in August.

State Testing: Kentucky State Assessment (KSA) 3rd- 5th grades

Our testing will begin Tuesday, May 3rd and will go through Tuesday, May 10th. May 11th, 12th, 13th will be reserved for makeups.

This is a new state test for all students across Kentucky. The state has also moved language mechanics from 4th to 5th grade. It is imperative that all of our kids are present each day so that they do not have to double up for makeups.

3rd grade will be testing in Reading and Math (2 to 3 sections in both subjects)

4th grade will be testing in Reading, Math, and Science

5th grade will be testing in Reading, Math, Social Studies, Language Mechanics, and Writing On-Demand. They will be testing EVERY DAY.


State Testing Window procedures

During the testing window we will not have visitors or volunteers.

Retirement News!

I wanted to take this opportunity to announce that, Mrs. Collette, our Assistant Principal, is retiring at the end of this school year. Mrs. Collette has served New Haven for 18 years and has been an integral part of the successes of New Haven. Mrs. Collette is looking forward to her retirement and spending more time with her family and new grandbaby. It will be both a happy and sad day for everyone at New Haven, but we are very excited for her as she starts her new adventure. She has been a dedicated educator for many years and deserves this new chapter.

She will be leading our 5th graders on the last day of school for their final walk in the building. :)

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Mother * Son Dodgeball!

Thank you to our PTO for organizing and hosting this great event! We forgot how fun this is! Of course, the moms were fierce! It's always a wonderful thing to see how the community comes together to celebrate our kids & friendships! I am MOST grateful to our PTO and all of our volunteers that make things like this happen.

Kindergarten program

Our littles did such a great job with their program this week! They have come a LONG way this year! We are very proud of them! We are happy that we could have parents in the building again to be apart of this!
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Our school FRC has joined with 7 Hills for an Egg Hunt and Kona ice this week. 7 Hills has organized and will be facilitating this event on NH's campus. See flier below for more details.

If you are interested in other events and activities that our FRC is working on please see the links below.

FRC Website for information and assistance: Click here

If you have any questions you can reach her at

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Congrats to our Odyssey Teams

All 3 of our OM teams Won and have invites to OM Worlds! <3 Way to go!!!

SBDM parent election

We have 2 parent positions open on our SBDM council. Information regarding that was sent out from our PTO. The largest organized parent group has to be responsible for running the parent elections, which is our PTO. Our PTO will continue to send out information regarding the candidates. Voting will open at the PTO General meeting in April.

Below is the link to the candidate bios.

SBDM Parent Candidates


5th grade parents!- We have arranged visits from the Gray Band and Choir to speak to our 5th grade students. This is an opportunity for them to hear about each program and how they can get involved in middle school.

Also, the PTO is arranging to have Mr. Arvin, Gray AP, & Krista Brassine, 6th grade SS teacher, speak at the General Meeting in April. Its a great way to hear about the transition to middle school and ask general questions.


Gray Middle School- Cheer Tryouts - See below for details

Camp Invention- New Haven will be a host site once again for Camp invention over the summer. The dates are July 18th- July 22nd. You can find more information at:

Cooper Drama Camp- Cooper High School is offer a summer drama camp for students grades 1-9th. You can check out their website or see the information below.

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Mission and Vision of New Haven... Our WHY, WHAT, and HOW.

Keep'n up with the Calendar! (dates will be added/ revised each month as needed)


1st- Mother/Son Dodgeball event 6:00 - 9:00
6th- 5th grade field trip /// Gray Band visits the 5th grade
8th- 1st grade field trip (aquarium)
11th- 15th- SPRING BREAK
19th- Midterm

21st- Kindergarten field trip to Zoo
22nd- Popcorn Friday/ Tiger Surprise
25th- 29th - Spring STAR testing (Math & Reading)
27th- PTO general meeting

3rd- 13th- STATE TESTING WINDOW (3rd, 4th, & 5th)

6th- Popcorn Friday
13th- First grade Fairy Tale Ball /// Kindergarten Fun Day
16th- 5th grade Promotion
17th- No School
19th- SBDM @ 4:30

18th- 22nd (Camp Invention @ NH) - not affiliated but only hosted at NH

Approved Calendar for the 22-23 school year

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