GCS Social Studies News: Fall 2015

...making History come alive...


The seventh grades Social Studies students recently finished a unit about exploration and settlement of the Americas. They have been building critical analysis skills, and with Unit 3, they will begin their first inquiry. As the class moves towards the end of the first quarter, check for assessment grades on school tool.

Mrs. Greer is also working to develop a new website for the seventh grade to share assignments and helpful links. The site is still under construction, however, you can see a sneak preview here - https://sites.google.com/a/greenwichcsd.org/social-studies-7/


Social Studies 8 recently worked on a Constitution and politics unit. The students concluded with the "I Side With" webpage (isidewith.com), which includes a series of important topics concerning Americans. Students' answers matched them with a presidential candidate with similar beliefs. The class will now begin a study of the westward expansion of the United States.

Global History & Geography 9

Global History and Geography 9 students are studying early river valley civilizations including Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and China. At the end of the unit they will be writing a comparison essay on the civilizations. The students have also spent considerable time developing geography skills. Throughout the year, they will be doing a variety of vocabulary assignments in order to better understand the terminology associated with Global History and Geography.

AP Global 9

AP Global 9 has been learning a variety of analysis skills to help them evaluate primary source documents. They are using SOAPPSTONE and OPPTICS to thoroughly analyze different types of sources. Also, the AP global students just completed a unit on Mesopotamia. In the next week they will be writing their first comparison essay.

SS 10: Global Studies II

It is hard to believe that we are already through the first five weeks of the school year! The students have been working diligently in Global Studies II thus far! We have studied the political system known as Absolutism as well as examples of absolute monarchs and their impact on the people. We spent time researching the Scientific Revolution and important discoveries that scientists made and we are currently studying the Enlightenment and considering how the ideas of philosophers such as Locke, Rousseau, Voltaire, and Montesquieu influence our lives today. Please check SchoolTool regularly. The students have already completed numerous homework and class assignments, a quiz, an essay and the first test! Please be reminded that this class has a Regents Exam at the end of the year that covers BOTH Global 9 and Global 10 material. Contact me at kcamadine@greenwichcsd.org with any questions.

11 US History & Government

We have just completed Unit 1- Foundations of our Government. Students studied ideas that contributed to the move for independence as well as things that contributed to the need and development of our Constitution. They completed a DBQ and thematic essay this unit. We have begun Unit 2- our study of the Constitution. This unit will take us through the month of October.

D.C. trip is planned for juniors and seniors for March 12-16.

SS 12

In Social Studies 12 the students are learning the basics of the American economic system. In the coming weeks they will be conducting research on topics in economics like the role of the Federal Reserve, inflation, and federal subsidies. Our next test is scheduled for November 3.

AP Government & Politics

Students have completed Unit 1. They completed a federalism inquiry, as well. They have completed FRQ (free response questions) in prep for the AP exam in May. In the next unit students will study political ideology and public opinion.

AP US History

Students will face a Period 3 assessment in the second week of October. They are also planning a movie plot about a historical character, and planning an outing to see an actual historical movie - Bridge of Spies.

AP World History

AP World is studying the Americas prior to the arrival of Columbus and just finished learning about the late Medieval Period. They just completed a unit test that consisted of writing thesis statements. Throughout the year they will have many opportunities to write thesis statements and essays to help prepare them for their exam in May.


Students are working very hard. We continue to reteach and reinforce concepts taught in the classroom, as well as focus on prep for state exams.