Vote for Vassana

Operations Manager

What's on the table?

1. Charisma

2. Whole 3 semesters at WIXQ

3. Puts the QT in WIXQT. (Cute?)

4. Communications major so I know how to.. communicate

5. Don't have rich colors on my flyers but I live life in color

6. I love babies and will treat trainees as such

7. More friendly and outgoing than your average Joe

8. I'm the little elf that stood on the chair and made a speech

9. Trained two beautiful babies, Vanessa and Jake


More Serious Note:

WIXQ has given me an awesome opportunity to experience the greatest people I have met in my college career thus far. And I can most definitely say that I'd be living a much different and less interesting lifestyle if I hadn't taken part. I just want to give those incoming and those remaining the same experience that they have so graciously given me. Heart heart.