Weekly Updates!

Mrs. Reynolds' Class, May 9-13

Important Dates

*NWEA Testing (math), May 9 & 10 at 12:15

*NWEA Testing (reading), May 23 & 24 at 12:15

*PTO Meeting, May 10 at 6:00pm

*Run for the Arts, May 20

*Pennies for Patients, money due by May 20

*Risk Watch Field Day, May 31

Sight Words

Each word listed in the "words we know" column a student should be able to read, write, spell, and say with ease and automaticity. These are words that students can help read if you are exploring books at night. Each week we will add two more sight words to our "Words we know" list.

Words We Know:

*I *a *we *it

*to *the *go *are

*and *like *you *can

*he *she *said *have

*was *for *here *is

*of *me *my *on

*play *see *that *they

*with *an *at *do

*has *big *small *in

*it *down *up *yes

*no *not *this

*too *what *again

*away *come *could

*help *house *how

*jump *little *look

Words We Are Learning This Week:



Reading Workshop

Students will learn to identify the emotions and actions of characters in order to recognize character traits.

Students will be encouraged to:

*associate emotions with illustrations

*determine whether a character's actions are positive or negative

*describe a character's personality based on their actions in a story

*use what they know about a character to infer what they may or may not do

Watch our sight word song for "Could"! (password: fishback)

Writing Workshop

Students will learn to recognize various types of poetry in order to craft their own poems.

Students will be encouraged to:

*identify rhyming words in poems

*distinguish between various forms of poetry (haiku, rhyming couplet, shape poems, riddles, limericks, etc.)

*recognize the rhythm/beat of poetry

*attempt writing various styles of poetry

*spell all sight words correctly

Math Workshop

Students will review old skills and be introduced to new skills in order to feel comfortable and confidant when taking NWEA.

Students will be encouraged to:

*compare numbers using <, >, =

*choose numbers to make algebraic equations true

*model number stories using pictures, numbers, and words

*identify and write the name of 2 and 3-dimensional shapes

*add and subtract numbers within 10 fluently

*recognize and draw fractions in shapes (whole, 1/2, 1/4)

*recognize and draw equal parts in shapes