Cowboys Needed

We need cowboys to help bring our cattle to the railroad

What skills you will need to have.

You will need to know how to take care of cattle when they are sick or dying. You will also have to be physically and mentally healthy to be able to take care of yourself so you are healthy enough to care for the cattle. Finally you will need to be able to ride a horse and at times a wild one.


You will be responsible for the heard that you care for every cattle that does not make it comes from your pay and may effect weather or not you are used as a cowboy for my cattle again.


Some challenges you may face are weather, tiring, and illness. The weather is unpredictable and could go from good to bad to worse very fast. This job is very tiring and you will need to know how to work through tiredness and pain. Finally with the weather change and tiring comes illnesses weather common or sever.


There are many benefits to this job such as pay, the love of the job, and the scenery. If all goes well and all or most of the cattle make it to the railroad alive the pay will be good. If you love being a cowboy then you get to enjoy doing what you love every day. Finally the scenery of the great plains is beautiful day and night and you will get to enjoy it.

Locations And Where You Will Go

You will be traveling from the open range ( on the South side of North Dakota) to the nearest railroad( Ogallala Denver). You will go on a long drive to the railroad and will eventually reach it, you will then come back with the money and you will be given your share.

Project made by Hannah Reischauer