Baby care....

by Destiny Hill and April Hatton

first year clothes

Baby clothes are usually sized as preemie, newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months. so you just need to mix it up in get different size from 3-12 months. if you buy one piece you need 5 to 7 outfits, 5 to 7 T- shirt, 5 to 7 pants or legging, and you need 5 over layers. you will need lots of socks, you will only need shoes if your son or daughter is a strong walker, pajamas/sleepers 5 to 7,

Tips: mix it up don't get the same.


On diapers you will go through 10-12 on daily basic. on wipes you can make you own or buy some it really doesn't matter but you will always need to be prepared.You don't have to buy an official changing table but you will want somewhere or something to lay the baby on while changing him or her.

Tips: be clean not stinky !!

breatfeeding / bottle feeding.....

Need 12-6 bottles, start with 4 oz. as a new born then as the child get older then move up to 8 oz. bottle. you will need 4oz bottle in 8oz. bottle in the first year of your child. you need as many nipples as you have bottles. or if you pump breast milk to feed your baby. you made need a brands zip everything up in a backpack and comes with a small cooler to store milk. when your baby is feeding on solid food you will need a high chair, bowls, 3 to 5 Sippy cups, and 3 to 5 bibs.

tip- don't feed too much...

Baby entertainment

Play mat/ gym These are soft mats with baby toys that dangle from overhead. Toys that you get don't have to be anything fancy, but its nice to have a few rattles, toys that make noise, or anything that is soft.

tip- have fun with the noise.... :)


if you're new as a parented then you don't need a crib right away, you can use a bassinet or a play yard. you will want to move your baby in a crib like thing in the first year. you will need about 5 fitting crib sheets or a water proof crib mattress pad. wearable blankets 2-3, swaddling blankets you need 3

Tip- babies sleep a lot


If you have stairs, you should get safety gates for the top and bottom. You can also use a gate to block off areas of the house that might be dangerous.

Exposed outlets are almost irresistible to babies. You should keep them covered.

Keep your baby out of the toilet with a toilet lock. babies can drown in as little as two inches of water.

Baby monitors let you keep tabs on your baby while you're in another room. They need to be about 10 feet away from the babies crib, close enough to pick up sounds but far enough away so the cord is out of the baby's reach.

tip- its better to be safe than sorry.


Teething rings: chewing on teething rings ease baby's discomfort during teething.

Thermometer: An important item to keep in your first aid kit to make sure your baby doesn't have a fever.

Nail clippers: help trim baby's nails safely so they don't scratch themselves or others.

Tip: Babies get sick a lot easier than adults so be extra careful.

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