Green Roof Plants Saving Energy

Sydney Lamberson

How it Works

The plants on green roofs are a great benefit towards the saving of energy and money. During the cold, freezing winter seasons, a building can become very chilly because the the green roof plants aren't as alive and energetic. This means that they aren't as capable of absorbing heat rays. The sun is able to shine through the building, creating a decrease in the need for the heating system. Research proves that this method saves buildings plenty of money, and creates a healthier, more sustainable environment.
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Having a green roof saves about 23% of gas energy used for heating. This graph represents the cost of heating with and without a green roof.

Line Graph

The line graph shows the amount of gas energy the green roof saves over one year with and without the green roof. Because the data is shown overtime, a line graph would create the best graphing system. On the X axis, the graph is showing the months over a one year period. On the Y axis, the numbers are representing the cost of the gas usage.


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