Mixing Noughts & Crosses? WE SAY NO


Rally at Heathcroft

Rally at Heathcroft High, we need to get the Noughts out of our school. We don't need blankers.

Is this flyer not enough of a reason for you to come and protest? Well here is a list as to why we don't want Blankers in our beloved schools.
1: They will get in the way of our children's education

2: The black men will try and impregnate our daughters!

3: They will try to bring their drugs into our schools

Blankers? WE SAY NO.


Tuesday, May 21st 2013 at 11am

Thunderbolt Dr

Raby, NSW

Naughts and Crosses mixing together? Have you ever heard of such nonsense? Let us all join together and get the word out. GET THE BLANKERS OUT!


Rally starts at 11 AM, on the 21/05/2013. Special guest speaker from the Anti-White comittee, Toni Abbott! Let us band together and get the Blankers out of our schools!