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November 9th, 2018

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

This week began with the whole MS & HS gathering in Dalton Hall to enjoy an excellent production of Shakespeare's Macbeth performed by a group of professional actors from the United Kingdom. Although there were only 6 actors, they were able to bring the play to life and the result was very entertaining!

Prior to the play, CDS MS students enjoyed a short animated version of Macbeth to ensure they understood the major plot elements. Following the play, several MS students participated in an acting workshop with one of the actors. The play proved to be a challenging but enlightening experience for our students.


CCs & After School Programs for the Winter Season will begin on Monday, November 26th following the Thanksgiving Break.

We will hold an assembly after lunch on Tuesday 11/13 so teachers can share their Co-curricular club (CCs) offerings for the Winter season. The same After School Programs (ASPs) will be offered for the Winter season including S.T.A.M.P, Advanced Swimming, and the CDS Band program. Students will sign up for CCs at home using a Google form on Saturday, November 17th @ 10:00am.

Sign-ups for After School Programs will begin at school in Morning House on Wednesday 11/14 and will close on Friday 11/16. Parents will receive an email notification on Friday afternoon indicating which club(s) your child has signed up for.

For the first time since the school year began, we have no middle school athletic competitions this weekend, so we hope everyone can take a much deserved rest.

I invite you to enjoy learning more about the exciting things happening at CDS Middle School within the newsletter. Look for highlights regarding NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), Long House, and great learning happening in Spanish, Science, P.E., and Music classes.

Have a great weekend!

Benjamin Scoville

Director of Middle School

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Winter CCs and ASPs

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Macbeth Performed in Dalton Hall - MS & HS

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NaNoWriMo Writing

The NaNoWriMo meetings have been going swimmingly thus far as the majority of students are now beginning to transition from the pre-writing stage to drafting. This week Mr. Cavasin worked with some of the students on brainstorming and finalizing their ideas, while Mr. Menzel continued to work on developing these ideas into short stories, poems, and novellas.

The genres are varied--students are writing about science fiction, fantasy, realistic fiction, and romance--and the writers are clearly enjoying flexing their creative muscles. Both teachers are truly excited to see what the NaNoWriMo members are going to be able to produce by the end of the month. Keep on writing!

- Mr. Cavasin & Mr. Menzel

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Music with Ms. Van Liew

Musicals In Progress

In Music class, the 6th graders have started off Term 2 with a lot of enthusiasm as we began our unit on Musicals. This unit is a Project-based Learning unit, meaning it is completely initiated by the students.

Throughout the term, students are working to solve this driving question, "How does the production of a musical, reflect real life situations, regarding both the storyline and the creators of the musical?". The unit began with every student submitting a plot summary that could be put on stage. Then, the students voted on which story they wanted to bring to life.

In small groups, students have collectively worked together to write a script for the musical. Our next stage is working on writing songs that will enhance the acting. Some students have already made great progress on composing songs.

Take a look at some students in the 6B class practicing part of their song about a revolution. We are looking forward to finishing the script and song writing so that we can get into the singing, acting, and movement components of the musical!

- Ms. Van Liew

Spanish with Ms. Che and Ms. Morillo

Día de Los Muertos/Day of the Day

Creating an Altar

Starting from last week, students from MS Spanish classes learned a big cultural aspect of Latin America, The Day of the Dead.

First students studied the history and philosophy behind this very important day, and created and altar for a departed soul in the classroom. They brought food and many other items that represent the Aztec beliefs mixed with Christianity. Each item has its own significance. Some of the items they brought were shells, rooster feathers, a flute, money, seeds and a mirror. They also brought Pan de Muertos(Bread of the Dead), apples, oranges and water.

On November 6th, students were able to experience this traditional cultural event by gathering around the altar, sharing their company and eating the favorite food of the departed, which they brought. According to Latin American belief, the food they eat is now fortified by the visiting dead souls, giving them nourishment for the entire year.

- Ms. Che and Ms. Morillo

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8B PE - Dance Class with Mr. Monette

Grade 8 - Science Fair

Our science fair groups have been carrying out their experiments and are preparing their presentations for the annual CDS Science Fair. We are looking forward to students from all MS grades showcasing their creative projects on November 21st.

- Mr. Keel

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Grade 5 - Ecosystems

In Science this week, students examined the relationships between life in different ecosystems. Students used their Chromebooks to build models organizing plants and animals into food webs. Students explained how their individual models showed the flow of energy through the ecosystem they chose and how these cycles perpetuate life.

- Mr. Keel

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This week in 6A Long House

This week in Long House, 6A students learned about values (the things that matter most to us) and how they can be helpful when making difficult decisions.

Students discussed the things they value and made decision-making diagrams, using their values to guide their decision. We hope they continue to think about what they value and begin to use it as a tool in their decision-making.

- Mr. Drews

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Korean Class with Mr. Kim

6학년 그룹활동 – 고정관념

우리 6학년은 이번에 ‘고정관념’을 주제로 그룹활동을 하였습니다. 텍스트 ‘꽉 막힌 생각 뻥 뚫린 생각’을 읽고, 우리가 이미 우리도 모르는 사이에 많은 고정관념을 갖고 있다는 것을 알게 되었습니다. 그룹활동을 하면서, ‘고정관념이란 무엇인가, 우리 주변에서 찾을 수 있는 고정관념의 예는 무엇이 있는가, 내가 가진 고정관념의 예는 무엇인가, 고정관념을 없애야 하는 이유는 무엇인가’에 대해 알아보았습니다.

Grade 6 group activities - Stereotype

Our 6th grade group activity was on the subject of 'Stereotypes'. After reading the text, "꽉 막힌 생각 뻥 뚫린 생각", we found that we already have a lot of stereotypes that we don't know. As a group activity, we search for and discussed ‘What stereotypes are', 'What examples of stereotypes that we can find around us', 'What examples of stereotypes I have', and 'Why we should get rid of stereotypes'.

- Mr. Kim / 김용회

Grade 5A Long House

This week during Long House, 5A were Codebreakers! They had to use many of the 6 Cs: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking to decipher a code they were given. After working together they figured out the secret message was: Strategies + Help + Hard Work = A Stronger Brain.

We talked about how when we try new things, our brains are constantly building pathways to get stronger. This also relates to our Character Focus of the month: perseverance. We discussed how even though things may be difficult at first, our brains are actually benefiting from the hurdles.

Having a growth mindset helps students persevere when work is hard, seek out new strategies, and work harder rather than give up when schoolwork gets difficult.

- Ms. Montelibano

Grade 7A & 7B Long House - Dodge ball

7A Bowling Night

The 7A students and House teachers went on a bowling trip on Tuesday, November 6th. The students earned this reward for raising the most individual donations for the WeRunChonenga fundraiser that benefited the "Worldreader" organization. Cheongna Dalton School is proud to teach students who feel the need to give back to others less fortunate than themselves. A global sense of community truly is a cornerstone at CDS, and the students are already looking towards the next way in which they can serve others.

Mr. Menzel and Ms. Liu were very impressed with some of the bowling skills within 7A. The students were very excited to compete in a sport not many of them had practiced before and brought all of their energy to the alley.

The top bowler of the evening was Heesoo Lee, who bowled over 100 for both rounds. Way to go CDS students!

- Mr. Menzel

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Math in Mrs. Hinds Class

Students developing strategies for multiplying improper fractions & mixed numbers.
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Student Council Thanks MS Teachers for Support with Halloween Party

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Fun images from last week's Haunted House!

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Upcoming Events

11/12 - CDS Math Competition Final @Small Theater

11/13 - Winter CCs & ASPs Orientation @SSR time

11/15 - Highfour Math Competition (Mathletes)

11/16 - Ends - Mathletes

11/17 - Winter CCs & ASPs Sign-up Day

11/20 - Ends - Advanced Swimming

11/20 - SDL Junior Project Brainstorm Session

11/21 - Ends - CDS Band

11/22 - Thanksgiving Half Day (Dismissal time: 1:15pm)

11/26 - Winter CCs & ASPs begin