Death Marches Research

By Asahel Tinoco

The beginning

Death Marches, it was a name inmates gave it when they had to march on foot from one camp to another. It all began in 1944, the Nazis forced the inmates to move from one camp to another. The reason why they were moved was because the Soviet Army was advancing into German territory and they began liberating the camps.The Nazis didn't want for any of the prisoners to tell of what they've been put through and they thought they could use the prisoners are bargaining chips to get what they needed to continue their regime.They either had to walk there on foot or they would be put in freight carts where they would be crammed together, those who were to week to continue on were shot and killed on the spot. The marches would begin towards the end of winter when it was the coldest and provisions were low. Many inmates would die from the cold, exhaustion, or from hunger. There were around 59 Death Marches before Germany fell.

The End of the Road

The March

One of the first marches began in January of 1995. It involved 66,000 prisoners. Out of the 66 thousand, 7,000 were Jews, 6,000 were women, and 1,000 were men.They Marched from Auschwitz to Around 1 out of 4 died on the route.Took around 10 days. In the end of that massacre only 13 were know to have survived.