LIft Every Voice

2014 Trifecta Talent Competition

Apply now to enter the 2014 Trifecta Talent Comeptition, Lift Every Voice!

Bring your skills to the 2014 Trifecta Talent Competition, "Lift Every Voice",

going down on Saturday, September 6, 2014 from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM at the Studios of

G-town, 24 Maplewood Mall, Philadelphia, PA 19144

Must be invited to perform and Must be present to win!

Application and submission information available on:

2014 Trifecta Talent Competition, Lift Every Voice

Saturday, Sep. 6th, 12-3pm

G-town Radio 24 W. Maplewood Mall, Philadelphia, PA 19144

Calling all Comedians, Rappers, Singers and Spoken Word Artists, Do you have the Courage, Charisma and Confidence to win? Prove it!

Bring your skills to the Lift Every Voice, 2014 Trifecta Talent Competition.

Application early deadline date June 30, 2014. Final application submission date August 15, 2014.

Fee to enter is $10.00 before June 30 and $15.00 after June 30, 2014.

Send an email to, or call the FTPlaw Radio hotline at

(215) 435-4099 for further application/submission instructions and rules of competition.

Agenda of Competition

11:30 AM - 11:50 AM Artists check in, meet and greet

11:50 AM - 12:00 PM Rules of competition provided

12:00 PM - 2:30 PM Competition Begins live on Air

2:30 PM - 2:45 PM Winners are crowned and Fan favorite announced

2:45 PM - 2:55 PM Final words from Winners

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