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December 2018

December News

Enjoy the Season: Happy December

The holiday season provides to us traditions and rituals that bring people together. One of the most pervasive rituals that bring people together during this time of year is the act of gift-giving. Research has shown that "giving" is a surprisingly complex and important part of human interaction, helping to define relationships and strengthen bonds with family and friends.

What I find to be the most important gifts we can provide children in school and at home as they learn and grow are: inspiration, creativity, and confidence. The Eatonville school community provides these gifts to each child every day by staying true to our core mission - "Together, we commit to inspiring life-long learners, to create a better future!”

To this end, let us remember that not all gifts are wrapped and that the power of words in helping young people feel both successful and special is one of the best gifts we can give. My husband and I are looking forward to the entourage of family and friends that we will be able to make memories with this season. In this stage of our lives we are so excited about our two grandchildren and it makes it especially meaningful as we fondly remember our own kids as they grew up. This perspective brings home a sincere appreciation for what our Eatonville educators and staff do for the students in our schools--they are our future. We can all celebrate every small and large victory we have as one more student benefits from the magic that is done in our classrooms supported by all the employees in our district.

I will always be grateful for the opportunity to be on your team in this noble profession of educating our kids. Please take the time to spend your well deserved time off with your family and friends, enjoy the end of a semester where we all can catch our breath and get our batteries recharged, and remember to take care of yourself and your loved ones so we can enter a new year full of memories and excitement for what we can accomplish together for kids in 2019.

Thank you for your support of the Eatonville school community. Continue to stay involved in the education of this community's youth and know that your school district staff and leadership team continues to deliver high quality education services to children.

Please enjoy all that the holiday season has to offer and enjoy a bit of the schools exciting work this month.

Wishing you all the
Hope, Wonder, and Joy
that the Season can bring!



Krestin Bahr

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Eatonville School District Bus in the Eatonville Christmas Parade 2018

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EES Composting


Popcorn Friday at CC

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Reading to the kinders at each ESD elementary school.

Jan Brett's "The Hat."

WES Preschool with Mr. A in the Enrichment Center

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2018 School of Distinction

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Ohop Grange handing out dictionaries to WES 3rd grade students

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EMS AVID Hygiene Drive