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It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Here are some great December ideas from Senior Director, Christina Welch to make the most of your holiday sales season:

1. Of course, the best tried and true method and the highest use of your time...THE TRUNK SHOW! Book another one. With automatic and complimentary expedited shipping, we have until December 21st to place orders!

2. Book personal shopping appointments. You go to them or they come to you! Offer a pouf of their choice when they make an appointment (or you could say with your $100 purchase.) It will likely pay for itself!

3. Do a walk-in Wednesday. Have an open house and open your mobile boutique to everyone! And don't just announce it, follow up with personal phone calls.

4. Send a tote of jewels, a few Look Books and order forms with a friend/customer to work (or to play) for a few days! It only takes 2 orders to make a show and get her rewards.

5. Take a tote of jewels to work yourself this week. Wear a statement necklace all week and be purposeful in bringing up S&D! Remember, we have a LOT of gift and sale items to share!

6. Call a friend or a customer you love, and offer to plan a fun "Holiday Shopping Happy Hour" trunk show this week! Coffee/wine with friends! People are looking for cute new things to wear right now for the holidays, and your hostess can get some for free!

7. Go through past order forms and look at your notes. Call any customers with wish lists. Maybe there are some items that are now on sale! Offer exceedingly personal customer service and call to let them know (Nordstrom would!)

8. Send a targeted email to past customers or hostesses advertising the Holidays are here, and the sale items, and offer free shipping until the 30th at noon!

9. Contact any hostesses with open trunk shows and offer free shipping to any additional customers that they can get toward their show! Have them help you, and they will receive more free jewelry. Hostesses always have friends that could not come or live far away - did they all place an order?

10. Call any future hostesses and offer free shipping for any outside orders they can collect now, prior to their show! Offer to incentivize the hostess by gifting her a pair of earrings or something in your display that is discontinued. Let that older jewelry work for you!

11. Think... Where are women? Spas, networking events, realtor happy hours, meet-ups, salons, teachers lounges, medical offices, dentist offices, boutiques! Where can you set up your jewels, take your tote of jewels, or bring in at the lunch hour? Every pair of earrings sold adds up, and gives you opportunity to book more for December and into January.

12. Do a fun Facebook campaign, "Suzy's Pick of the Hour," and post your faves! Offer free shipping if order placed by Friday at noon.

13. Who do you know that buys employee gifts for their staff and would be THRILLED you approached them about our sale items or our stock up and save items? They could get that stressful "to do" off their list. Trust me, they will LOVE you!

14. Have a customer who wants to place an order? Why not turn that order into an opportunity for her to collect a few orders from friends (remember, she only needs 4), and turn that into an online show! Create a simple invite for her, and she can email out, and best case, she gets the jewelry for free or half off.

15. Ask a customer/friend to have an "online" trunk show. Send them an invite, create a Facebook GROUP, give her some Look Books and order forms and have her collect orders!

16. Give all your friends some look books and a statement necklace to wear this week. Have them send business your way!

17. Have you reached out to all the men in your life - husband's friends and his work associates, cousins, previous hostesses and their male friends, etc. - men need to shop at this time of year - let S&D be "shopping made easy". Reach out to all the men this week!!

18. LOVE your Teacher Trunk Show! Team up with your room mom and invite the parents from your son or daughter's class over to shop 1 day this week, and let them know that all the hostess rewards will go towards the teacher in the form of a gift certificate. The gift comes from the class, and people LOVE that they can shop and know the teacher is also benefiting.

Hope some of these suggestions are helpful and make your holidays even more productive!

Your Q4 #Team Moxie Challenge

Current Race Standings

Keep up the excellent work team! Race to the finish - push yourself to go the extra mile and earn the next level. We're routing for you and will be waiting for you as you cross the finish line!
*There is still today to be entered to win! Push for those remaining dollars!

December "Pit Crew" !

We're so excited to welcome new stylists to our Moxie 500 Challenge - Because you are new, you are participating in our "Qualifying Round" which is just your Jump Start with a fun name! Your goal at minimum for the next 3 months is to Qualify with $500 in retail sales. Do that and you will be entered to win some fabulous prizes including an iPad Mini and you will be well on your way to a successful, consistent business!

Moxie 500 Challenge - Prizes

Note: If you achieve Moxie 500, you are entered to win 1 of 3 prizes. If you achieve Moxie 1750, you are entered to win in the Moxie 1750 Tier and Moxie 500. If you achieve Moxie 2500 you are entered to win in all Tiers. GO FOR IT!

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