Algal BioFuels

Algae can grow anywhere and can be very cheap!

Algae is the bases of algal biofuels and it can grow in the desert, ocean, pond, and almost anywhere else. It is also a better, directly producer than some oily plants. Wastes can be great nutrients for algae You do have to be careful with growing it in a pond and other unsanitary places because it could mess up the algae. Unlike some plants algae just keeps on reproducing more algae

Algal Biofuels could be not so good!

Algae can grow in most places, but it also could be unsanitary. If you buy something to have algae grow in a controlled environment it would be really expensive, that is a definite disadvantage to algal biofuels. Algae does have to have sunlight to grow so environments

Algae is a great liquid biofuel.

Please be careful if you are a company looking into buying this biofuel. Some algae has been grown in unsanitary places, we do recommend you testing the product so you know if you got what you want!


Abby Corder

Natalie Tillman

Gage Dempsey

Sarah Van Valkenburgh