Video Game Producer

Job Outlook

The overall job outlook for Video Game Designer careers has decreased

Skills Reqwired

Some skills that are required to become a video game designer is

  • Critical thinking and problem solving: Designers need to come up with a lot of solutions to a problem. Having experience in science, math, debate, political science, or even improve can help here.
  • Communication: Designers need to translate their ideas to programmers, artists, and producers. Learning how to write and speak clearly about your ideas is essential
  • Teamwork: Designers rely on other people to make their ideas a reality. You have to be able to work with a lot of different people with different skills than yours. Practice with group projects. Conflict is inevitable but learning how to deal with that conflict is essential.
  • Programming: Most designers are expected to have at least some ability to program. Being familiar with basics is very helpful nowadays. I recommend these resources as a starting point

Work Envirment

They work in a big office like room with lots of coputers

Overview of the career

Video game designers depending on the job have different things to do because there are different types of video game designer for example character designers at riot games character create the story of a character and also make sure they have a compelling and balanced kit, on the other hand narrative designers help make the story for people to enjoy


a Video Game Developer makes prominently $55,186 a year
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Related Courses at Leyden

Leyden has a video game design and programming

This class provides a complete understanding of the technological

and creative aspects of video game design in an easy-to-follow

format. Students will have the opportunity to learn all aspects of

the creative, business, and technological components required to

launch a new video game. Students will develop mastery in hard

skills of art, science, and technology as they relate to computer

programming. Students will also be introduced to basic hardware

and software troubleshooting.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Video game club is a club provided at Leyden and leyden has a App developer class

Work and/or Volunteer Experience

You can intern at some major video game designing company


Mr. Labreola he teaches the video game design course

Mr. Martinez he is the video game design sponcer

Ms. Gorzynski she teaches digital litercy

College Major

Video Game design

Certificates reqired

Video Game Design and Development - Certificate

Day in the Life: Video Game Designer