Uthoff Valley Elementary

Week at a Glance

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April 11th - 15th

PLEDGE LEADERS FOR THE WEEK: students from Miss Chamberlin & Mrs. Gilbert's classes

VIKING VIRTUE FOCUS FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL: COURAGE - Acting responsibly despite fears or difficulties.

Next Week's Important Events

MONDAY - APRIL 11 (Out - Amanda R., Jennifer S, Sherri O., & Jan A.- AD)

  • Staff Lounge Clean Up (4/4 - 4/15 - 1st & 2nd gd Teams)
  • 4/1-15 Star Testing
  • 4/8-11 - 5th gd Smoky Mountains Trip
  • PIE "Local Government" - 4th gd., 9:10-10:40am in classrooms
  • PIE Kind "Winning Friendships" in classrooms - Kindergarten, 1:15-3:25pm

TUESDAY CCL RESUMES – APRIL 12 (Out - Danna-AM, Rhonda F.-PM)

  • National Library Workers Day
  • Student Leadership - 8:00-8:40am, Library
  • Weekly PLC Meetings (K&1)

WEDNESDAY – APRIL 13 (Out - Lorie Z. & Kelly W.- AD)

  • Weekly PLC Meetings (2-5)
  • PIE 1st gd "Caring 4 Classmates" - 11:15am-3:20pm in classrooms

  • Please be sure to leave your computers on, but logged off this evening
  • E Hour classes after school - SESSION 4
    1. Amazing Athletes,, 4-5pm, Gym
    2. Cuddle Covers, 4-5pm, Room 17
    3. Club Strong, 4-5pm, Room 115 (Araniecke)

THURSDAY – APRIL 14 (Out - Liz Schenck - AD )

  • Special Chorus – 8:00-8:40am, Music Room (room 2)
  • Abilities Day (see schedule below)
  • Early Dismissal - 12:46pm

FRIDAY – APRIL 15 (Out - Julie O.-AM, Lisa S. & Tina C.-PM )
  • SAC meeting - 9am-12pm, Office Conference Room

  • CSC meeting - 1-4pm, Office Conference Room

  • 5th gd Future Falcon Fun Night @ RSMS

Upcoming Events

4/18-5/13 - MAP testing

4/18 - PTO Meeting - 6pm

4/21 - Pastries with Parents, 8am

4/22 – IC Progress Report window closes at 4pm

4/22 – Progress Reports due to Admin.

4/23-24 - District Art Show, 12-3:30pm at Selvidge Middle School.

4/25 – Progress Reports go home

4/26 - 4th gd. Strings Concert 6:30pm

4/27 – Administrative Professionals Day

4/29 - School Prinicpal's Day

APRIL Birthdays

8 – Kim Sepe

24 – Julie Backer

Thank you, Thank you:

* To everyone who make our 2nd Grand Person's day outstanding. The students did a fabulous job!

*Thank you to everyone that participated in the 4th quarter SPIRIT meetings. It was awesome to hear all the great progress students have made this year!


* There is one remaining MAP Prep meeting today @ 4-5:15 pm. If you are administering MAP and have attended a training please plan to attend today.

Odds and Ends

Spring Climate Survey - It is time to complete the spring staff climate survey. Please take a few minutes before April 8th to complete the survey. The data is vital a we continue to strive for excellence! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RSDStaff​​

April 14th Early Release - On this day ALL staff (SSD, specials, classroom teachers) will visit and walk-through two other Fenton elementary schools (Bowles, Kellison). Due to construction there will be no power at Stanton, so we will not be able to visit there. The purpose is to see what others are doing with regards to character education, goal-setting, classroom set-up, classroom and school-wide displays, etc. As a team you can either eat lunch here and then head out or go out to lunch and then go to the schools. You should plan to spend about 20-30 minutes at each school. Take your phone or a camera so you can take pictures of things you might like to bring back to UV. If you see something you would like to know more about write down the teacher’s name and send them an email. Once you complete your tour you can come back to school and work as a PLC on pink & blue cards or whatever else you deem as a need.

Time Capsule - Thank you to 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade for deciding on your time capsule contributions (ticket stubs, Pokemon cards, Under Armour and "selfies"). Please decide on what your grade level would like to contribute soon. remember it must be able to fit in a 6" X 18" tube). Thank you!!!

Writing PD/PLC - Please reserve your April 26th (K/1) and April 27th (2-5) PLC for a great interactive writing PD session with Lauren Fish. We will meet in the office conference room during your PLC time. Lauren will send an email ahead of time detailing what you need to bring with you.

Peer Observations - I hope you all are as excited about the opportunity to observe your peers as I am for you! Please work with your "partner" to schedule a good time for you to observe. Please send me a quick email when you have worked out a time. Also - let me know if you need coverage to go observe, I would be happy to help! Kudos to those of you that have already gotten started!

Early Release Lunch -

2nd and 5th grade - 11:00 - 11:20

Kindergarten and 4th - 11:30 - 11:55

1st and 3rd grade - 12:10 - 12:30

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