Opposing Viewpoints in Education

Different positions on Education

High Technology and Education

The reason I believe in Technology in the classroom is because I have seen how technology can help students learn. I think technology should be available for every student and I think we should find ways to fund it. I want every student to succeed and I think technology is the way to do it.

Types of Technology

Smart Board




Pros of Technology in Classroom

Technology and Education Goes Hand and Hand

Downside to Technology in Education

Besides the positive effects technology in education they also have negative ones. The two negative side effects are: Distraction to Students and Cheating. The way it could be a distraction is games, apps, phone calls can be a distraction. Cheating is so much easier cause they can just search for the answer. So technology can be a hindrance but I think it just matters on how it is used and supervised. The student can let it help them be successful or negative impact on their future.

My Opinion

I believe that if handled well technology can facilitate learning. I think we need to use technology to keep up with our peers around the world. Technology has so much to offer to education and we just in the brink of touching it. I think that technology and education will help us succeed and build more advanced students.