The Challenger

By:David Yoo

What was the Chalenger?

The Challenger was a space shuttle. NASA had recently started space shuttle program. On the tenth mission, one of NASA`s worst disaster happened.

How did the Challenger exploded?

It was cold, so a rubber o-ring failed to close fast enough. It could n`t seal the joint, and hot gas rushed through the gap. The hot gas caught fire, and the Challenger exploded.

Why were so many people watching?

A lot of people were watching because a teacher, Christie McAuliffe, was going to space. Many schools had live footage. 85% of America knew about the disaster within an hour.

Other Important Things the Challenger Did.


The Challenger deployed 10 satellites in her 10 mission career, spent a total of 62 days 7 hours 56 minutes and 22 seconds in space, travelling 25,803,936 miles, and orbited Earth 995 times.

NASA Tribute.

The 7 astronauts who died are on the top right corner, and the ten mission insignias are the Challengers mission. The astronaut spacewalking is Bruce McCandless II.This is the NASA Orbiter Tribute for Space Shuttle Challenger.