Washington D.C. Trip 2012

8th Grade Trip to Washington D.C. (:

Your going to D.C. soon !

Going to Washington D.C. is a great experience. You not only learn a lot of cool things but you have a ton of fun ! Washington D.C. will show and teach you the importance of many things that happened throughout our nation's history.

Washington D.C.

Tuesday, Nov. 6th 2012 at 6:30am to Friday, Nov. 9th 2012 at 11pm

Washington, DC

Washington, DC

The schedule

  • First Day we go to Gettysburg and take a ghost tour.
  • Second day we arrive in Washington D.C.
  • Third day we take many tours and go through the most security you will ever go through in your life !
  • Fourth day we get back on the bus and head back to Marblehead.

Have fun in Washington !

You will enjoy Washington D.C. very much! One of the coolest experiences you will have in your life. Hope you enjoy your time there !

P.S.- Do not give money to people on the street. We got in trouble for doing that !