Stanley Middle School

Week of September 6

It's A Four Day Week

Happy Long Weekend. Don't forget that we do not have school on Monday, September 6. We will be observing the Labor Day holiday.

We will resume school on Tuesday, September 7. Tuesday is a B day - meaning students will go to their second core plus. All students should have brought home a GCS calendar with the A and B days marked. As a reminder all Mondays and Wednesdays are A days (1st Core plus) and Tuesdays and Thursdays are B days (2nd Core Plus). Only Fridays alternate. This Friday will be A day.

We have 1 home and 1 away softball games, an away football game, and a golf match this week. Students will also be completing their Beginning of the Year IReady diagnostic in Reading and Math.

If you have any academic questions, do not hesitate to reach out to your child's teachers or to the support staff who can best assist you.


On the Calendar

Sept. 6 - Labor Day holiday

Sept. 7- Softball@SW

Sept. 8- Football@Belmont

Sept. 9- Softball@SMS

Sept. 13- Softball@WCF

Sept. 14 - SMS PTO Meeting

Sept. 15 - Football@WCF

Sept. 16 - Softball@SMS
Sept. 20 - Softball@SMS

Sept. 22 - Football@YC

Sept. 23 - School Pictures

Sept. 23 - Interims home

Sept. 27 - Softball @Mt Holly

Sept. 29 - Football@SMS

Sept. 30 - Softball@SMS

(golf will be added when course dates confirmed)

Car Line TIPS

Parents - Your students do an excellent job of getting out of the car in the morning as soon as you pull under the awning or into the small parking lot. We can move the line faster in the afternoon if you will encourage your student/students to walk to your car as soon as they see you pull into the same loading areas in the afternoon. If we could load in the afternoon as quickly as we unload in the morning, we could cut even more time off our car line pace.

COVID Reminders

If a student is exposed to someone who tests positive for COVID, is experiencing symptoms of COVID or tests positive for COVID, please so not send your student to school. You can call the school and ask for our school nurse and she will walk you through next steps. Students will be able to find work on Canvas for each of their courses. Thank you for your help and support.