DBQ Online Student Support

Introduction to DBQ Online for Students

All logged into your DBQ Online account and ready to get started?

Watch the two videos below to get familiar with DBQ Online. Don't forget to check out the tips on the very bottom of page on how to save your work.

Navigating DBQ Online

DBQ Online Annotation Tools

Saving Tips

1. Check Your Browser.

Use Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

2. Only Use One Tab.

Only keep one tab open, not two!
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3. Wait For Work to Save.

Make sure you wait for your work to save before moving to the next page.
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4. Select "Stay" or "Cancel" for Popups.

This pop-up asks if you're sure you want to leave the page.

This means something didn't save yet.

5. If You See a 'SAVE" button, click it!

You'll fine these on the Guided Essay and Student Essay.

6. Press "Return" Save.

DBQ Online auto saves BUT to force your work to save, press return before moving to the next text-box or page.

Happy DBQ'ing!

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