MCCC Committee Newsletter

November 2013

From the President

A warm welcome to all families, particularly those new to the Centre. I was pleased to be re-elected as your President at the AGM in October, and I look forward to continuing the work we have been doing throughout the year. We are delighted to welcome Claire Bulbul, Carly Moulang, Andy Ruddock and Katie Wyatt as new members to the Committee. We wish outgoing members Amanda Robertson and Helen Whiteside all the best as their children transition to school.

As we are a parent committee-managed centre we believe it is important to let you, the families we represent, know what we have been up to and what we are planning to do.

My fortnightly (and ad hoc) meetings with the Centre Director continue, where we discuss and manage ongoing operational decisions. I am hoping that during 2014 we can move beyond mostly operational issues and develop a more strategic approach that specifically supports the management team and makes their jobs easier.

As you would be aware, after the storm on 17 October we experienced damage to the external area and now have a situation where some of our outdoor space is unable to be used. We are in discussions with Monash about this, but currently there is no estimated time for the works to take place.

Another significant activity that has been undertaken over the last few months has been the licence agreement with Monash. We are all hopeful that the agreement will be signed before year end. As part of this agreement staff of the Centre are now considered affiliate staff of the university. This gives them access to the library, medical services, the gym and carparking amongst other benefits. The university has now also committed to absorbing most of the maintenance costs and will paint the building on an as-needs basis (rather than every 7 years). Monash have also committed to the professional development day. We are very excited by these outcomes and they represent a significant step forward in the relationship between Monash and the Centre.

As always we welcome your input and I am only too happy to answer any queries you might have. Any parent is welcome to attend any of our committee meetings, which will be starting again in January. I wish you all a happy and healthy festive season.

Erica Brady,

President of MCCC Parent Management Committee

What's on the agenda this month?

  • MCCC Constitution
  • Renewal of licence agreement with Monash
  • End of year celebrations
  • Storm damage to external area
  • Introduction of donation facility to benefit the Centre



Need some cards for Christmas or birthdays? Why not purchase a pack of 5 cards, with various artworks, and raise funds for the Centre in the process!


Did you know… that the Centre has an Active Play Healthy Lifestyle Policy? This policy discusses many aspects of promoting a healthy lifestyle to children and families within the curriculum at the service. This includes:

  • considering the use of “screen time” as a teaching resource for children’s learning within the educational program, and limiting children’s access to “screen time” to 10 minutes per child per day at the Centre
  • providing information for families to encourage them to closely supervise their child’s computer/screen usage
  • acting as positive role models by engaging in physical activity and modelling healthy life choices
  • providing age-appropriate traffic safety education, including pedestrian and passenger safety to both children and families at the Centre.

This policy also includes the following responsibilities for families:

  • encouraging children to exercise by engaging in active play, and walking or riding a bike to the Centre, where appropriate
  • discussing appropriate road traffic safety and car safety practices, and role-modelling this behaviour en route to and from the Centre.

Do you take the opportunity to discuss road safety with your child on the way to childcare? There are so many opportunities to support children's learning in conjunction with what is happening in the Centre.

If you have any input, ideas or queries about the policies of the Centre, please contact our Secretary (Dinah) or Rukmini.

Wanting to give back to the Centre?

Monash Caulfield Childcare Centre can now accept tax deductible donations from individuals for the benefit of our Centre. As a not-for-profit Centre, your support will allow us to purchase new play equipment, books, toys, etc that would not be possible otherwise.

If you would like to give back to the Centre, donations (paid by credit card) can be made at this link:

We thank you for your support.



End of Year Party

Friday, Dec. 13th, 5:30-7:15pm

24 Derby Rd

Caulfield East, VIC

Come to the year-end summer party for a ROAAAAAARING GOOD TIME!

Music! Entertainment! Face painting! Dancing! Yummy Food!

Come dressed as your favorite animal and celebrate another great year at the MCCC!

$20 per family.

Sign-up sheet will be available in the foyer.

Party helpers needed

We are looking for volunteers to help out at the end-of-year party. If you are available from around 4.00pm to set up, or if you can stay back once the festivities are over to pack up/clean, then please contact Claire Bulbul to indicate your availability.

Happy Holidays!

We wish all families and staff a happy and healthy end-of-year break.

The Centre closes on Friday 20th December and will be back open on Tuesday 7th January.